Laurel Holland is an author, speaker, life coach and all around incredible woman. She has been building an online business for many years now and feels ready to take it to the next level and in order to do that she called on me for help. Laurel has a core base of loyal readers and clients but wants to expand her reach. In order to do that, we've been working together to plan out her social media presence and content creation strategy to increase engagement. 

Laurel is also the creator of an online course entitled Live Your Inner Power. I helped her design and planthe course launch and refine the look of the site where the course lives.  I also support her in editing email copy so that her voice and message is compelling to her readers. Overall, Laurel has it going on - my work with her is about refinement and consistency. I'm able to assist her in all of her marketing efforts as well as designing materials for her courses, freebies and overall brand identity. Interested in this kind of help with your marketing strategy? Read more about my marketing services over here.